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A Dinner for one !

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Die-Sadistin 39:53 Min. NUR 1550 Coins √
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Remember the summer when Cruel Reel meets me in Berlin ? When he thinks it's over, we really get going. He just wanted to kiss and lick our feet. But we are not interested. He was allowed to swallow snot and cigarette butts and then gratefully wallow in them like a little b*st*rd. Of course we also verbally abused the b*st*rd! Girls' night out and a living ashtray Hahahah...feet are a real treat for a slave pig, he would love to kiss and lick them, but we had something completely different in mind. I mean Cruel Reels HEELS was a good tool for repair the broken piss wart :) Now he knows where his place is hahaha
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